Preview of a Lesson in the Classroom

Lessons will be delivered on a weekly basis to allow all pipers time to absorb and practice the new material. Lessons will come in many forms. There will be technique exercises for pipers of all levels. Secondly, there will be a tune each week for the band piper and perhaps a third lesson on more advanced music. Each subscriber will be able to download all lessons in the Classroom. After a year in the Classroom, lessons will be moved to the Archives and stored on CD, available for purchase as a complete package. Once downloaded, files may be played directly from your computer or copied to a CD for listening at private times. As a subscriber, I ask one thing only. Please do not distribute this copyright material.

 Each week, you will see

  • Exercises
  • New Tunes

Hint for viewing and listening -   After downloading both the written score and the audio file, click on the audio file to start the sound and then click on the score to view it on your computer.What follows is a random sample of lessons, music and articles for you to examine prior to subscribing. Just click on the icon   Click for the Musical Score or Lesson  for the written score in pdf files and  Click for the audio mp3 file for an audio file recorded for the lesson.

A Clan MacFarlane Pipe Band Tune -       Click for the Musical Score or Lesson             Click for the audio mp3 file

New Tune Download  - Wrangler McQueen        Click for the Musical Score or Lesson      by Ken Eller 

                                       Wrangler McQueen        Click for the audio mp3 file

Some Technique Exercise Downloads 

 Doublings      Click for the Musical Score or Lesson         Click for the audio mp3 file

As a subscriber, you can email the Captain directly for specific lessons or requests. In most cases, a lesson will be prepared for all in the Classroom. In this way, everyone can benefit from your lesson.  It can be repeated until mastered.

Special request for Bobby

The music     Click for the Musical Score or Lesson     and  audio    Click for the audio mp3 file     for Farewell to the Creeks

 Newsflash!!!!!!!!!!     The Captain is starting to review tunes from Bruce Gandy's "hot off the press"  Book 4 .... so you will be among the first to see some of these tunes!

You will see the score .... hear how to play the tune ... download the music ... and join in the fun ... if you like the tune, you can purchase the book directly from Bruce.

 Next up :    January 8   Dwight Bishop     Click for the Musical Score or Lesson        Click for the audio mp3 file      composed by Bruce Gandy 

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