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A Guide to Starting 

The tunes and exercises are .pdf files and require require Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 or higher. To download Adobe Reader 6.0, click on the image  

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The audio files are in  mp3 format and will play well with programs like Windows Media Player, Real Player, iTunes, Musicmatch or Winamp. iTunes is very popular with either PC or Mac users. Click on the image to download the following mp3 players.

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Once you have entered the rooms of the school, you will find exercises, tunes, articles and various other informative items. You may download all files, save them in a folder created for your lessons, copy them to CD for mobile playing, and print the pdf files out for permanent copy. All files are subject to copyright protection and available for your own personal or educational use.

Floor Plan of the School 

  The School consists of three rooms

1. The  Click to Enter the Classroom  for current lessons

2. The  Click to Enter the Reading Room  for current piping articles

3. The  Click to Enter the Library  for past lessons and articles with access to the Archives

Each of these rooms is available to all subscribers. They may be accessed by selection through the dropdown menu of the  Click to Enter the School

Archives are available. Each year, the lessons are presented on CD and may be purchased through the  Click to Enter the Classroom


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