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To subscribe, to go on our mailing list or to make enquiries, please email either the Captain or the Admiral.

The subscription rate is $52 CDN per year if paid through PayPal. Alternatively, a cheque for $52 CDN or USD payable to Ken Eller and sent snail mail to the address below would assist US subscribers.

Here is what you get:

  • Weekly tuition - exercises, drills and new music in the classroom
  • The  Novice and Instructor's Area - a programmed learning experience from the start
  • The Reading Room - articles of a musical, technical and historical nature (The Journal)
  • The Library - archives of past sessions
  • The Student Lounge - mailboxes for all students for private tuition and correspondence
  • Your own web page for personal promotion
  • The Blog  for daily communication of piping events (free to all)
  • The Highlander's Institute - the concert and audio download area

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 If you would rather, a personal cheque for $52 CDN or USD payable to Ken Eller and sent to

 2180 Hollow Road, Fonthill, ON, Canada, L0S 1E6

Upon receipt of your subscription, you will be issued a Passport that will allow you access to the School and its many rooms. Membership privileges include on-line lessons 365 days per year. I look forward to your first lesson.   

Band Rates


Take advantage of the band package. This feature allows an individual subscription for personal tuition for every piper in the same band. Each piper would be issued a passport with a Username and a  Password to allow entry into the school. Each player can then receive the tuition he or she requires to take them to that next level. Pipe Majors can receive advice in operating the band, selecting music, tone and tuning and anything else that pertains to this important position. Teachers can consult with me directly about various approaches to the learning process. The annual fee for this service is $250 CDN, payable by Credit Card or cheque

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 Instruction On SKYPE or over the Phone       Click to email the Captains for Phone Lessons click on image


As a service to pipers, the Captain offers long distance real-time lessons. By using your speaker phone, a one hour lesson can be conducted in the privacy of your home at your convenience. Please contact the Captain for rates and schedules.


  The Captain conducting a phone lesson

 The Captain delivering a tele-lesson during the evening




The Captain

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